Are you available for personal commissions?
I am currently closed for personal commissions. Please read below for future commission request rules:

Since every commission request I've received is different, I do not currently have a pricing tier in place. Please email me at cheeryhuman@gmail.com and title the subject of your email "Commission" to discuss details. Commissions are for personal use and not for reproduction

Note before you email me that I will not do the following:

  • copy someone else's design or style
  • create anything derogatory or slanderous to any group of people in any way
  • create a design that will ultimately be reproduced (this requires further discussion and a more formal contract + discussion re: reproduction rights. Please see "freelance design work" question below.)
Are you available for freelance design work?
Yes! Currently, I am available for freelance design work. This service is not considered a commission as commissions are for personal use. Freelance design work involves the following: website design, brand illustrations, brand collaborations, art licensing, etc. Please email me at cheeryhuman@gmail.com and title the subject of your email "Freelance Inquiry" to discuss details. 

    Do you offer wholesale?
    Yes! Visit my wholesale page to learn more



    Can I make changes to my order?
    Unfortunately, I cannot add to or change your order once it has been placed. You can, however, cancel your order within 24 hours of it being placed if it has not been shipped yet and place a new order. Please email me immediately at cheeryhuman@gmail.com if you have anymore questions about this.

    Do you offer gift wrapping?
    I do not offer gift wrapping at this time, but I do offer handwritten messages. Please add your note as you would like it to appear in the "Add a note to your order" section of the Cart page or reply to your order confirmation email.

    Can I cancel my order? 
    Yes, you can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it if it has not yet been shipped. 

    Oh no! I made a mistake on my shipping address! Can I change it? 
    If your order has not yet been shipped (usually within 24 hours of placing the order), we can update your shipping address. To do so, please email your correct shipping address and order number immediately to cheeryhuman@gmail.com . Please title the subject of your email "Change Shipping Address". 

    Has my order shipped?
    You will receive an email with tracking info once your order has shipped.

    When will you ship my order?
    Orders usually ship within 3-5 business days. This varies depending on the amount of open orders I currently have and the time of the year. I am a one-woman-show so I do all of the designing, packaging, shipping, marketing, etc myself. This means that sometimes it can take up to 5-7 business days for fulfillment. Thank you for your patience!

    What is a "pre-shipment"?
    Pre-shipment means that I have generated a shipping label for your order as it's currently being packaged and will be shipped off soon. 

    Why is my package being shipped back to the sender?
    If your package is being returned to the sender it could be for one of the following reasons:

    1. Typos in address
    2. Address was typed incorrectly at checkout
    3. The package was refused by someone who lives in your house / apartment
    4. The package was unclaimed (in some cases packages are delivered to leasing offices or local post offices and are never picked up. Due to this, they will return it to the sender)

    If your tracking number says its being returned to the sender, I cannot stop this process from happening and will have to wait to physically get the package back from USPS to reship it to you. Please email me at cheeryhuman@gmail.com for any additional questions you may have on this. 

    Where is my package? It said it was delivered, but I don't have it. 
    If your tracking number says delivered but you haven't gotten your package, please do the following:

    1. Check with your neighbors.
    2. Check all the places your mail could be delivered ( front door / leasing office / backyard / mail room)
    3. Check with your local post office and let them know you have a package that says delivered but you have not yet received it.

    I also recommend that you wait a few days before losing all hope that your package is lost. Unfortunately, packages are sometimes mistakenly marked as delivered and the package turns up a few days later than tracking claims. If it has been a few days since your tracking info said it was delivered, please contact me immediately cheeryhuman@gmail.com and I will let you know what I can see re: tracking on my end. Sometimes what you see online is exactly what I see online, so my best advice would be to contact your local post office. They will have more information on your delivery. 

    Please make sure to double/triple check your shippings addresses! This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - especially during the holiday months. Sometimes the USPS system will flag the address as unverified. In these cases, I contact you directly before shipping your package so it doesn't get lost. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you check these addresses as I do not have control over USPS procedure. 

    My product arrived damaged, can I get a replacement or a refund? 
    All sales are final. I do not process refunds due to the small nature of the shop. However, there are special circumstances such as mail delivery damage in which an exchange or store credit is possible. See "Can I return / exchange my order?" below for details.

    Can I return/exchange my order?
    No refunds, returns or exchanges due to the small size of my shop. However, if there is a big problem with you order, there are special circumstances in which an exchange or store credit may be possible (ex. damaged items due to shipment). Please email me within 14 days of receiving your order at cheeryhuman@gmail.com to discuss and allow 2-3 business days for a response. Note: I cannot guarantee an exchange or store credit for all circumstances.

    Note: Damaged item exchanges due to bending or crushing by the USPS mail service are limited to one time only (Ex. If I send you a replacement item and your delivery person bends or crushes the item again I cannot process an exchange as I am not at fault in this). I package items in rigid or bubble mailers and add a large "Do Not Bend" sticker to them in order to get your order as safely to you as possible. However, I cannot control how the delivery person handles it once it has left my hands - I can only do as much as I can to warn them. 

    Additional questions?
    Please contact me cheeryhuman@gmail.com and allow 2-3 business days for a response. Thank you for your patience!